Is Your Kitchen Too Small or Simply Outdated? Is it time for Kitchen Renovation?

Did you know that on average, 1-4 years are spent in the kitchen over a lifetime? That’s a significant amount of time to spend in a space that isn’t functional or comfortable! As with many home renovations, we tend to think that a kitchen renovation is going to cost high dollar. There are some reasonably priced ticket items and smart ways that any homeowner can include in a kitchen renovation to turn a tired and worn-out space into to fresh and practical kitchen that you want to spend time in.

Simple solutions such as laminate flooring, updated cabinets and hardware, new window treatments and lighting as well as new appliances, can all improve the form and function during a kitchen renovation. The key to choosing the right materials for your kitchen renovation will fall largely on what your ultimate vision is. If you’re picking out new cabinetry and currently do not have enough space, be sure to pick out an appropriate solution for your kitchen renovation. This is key to every element that you are updating or improving with your kitchen renovation.

A kitchen renovation isn’t for most weekend warriors. It can take weeks or months to complete and could involve a general contractor and a team of professionals to make sure that every detail of your kitchen renovation is addressed. If you would like to speak with the professionals at Johnson Complete, we’d be happy to visit your home and give an assessment of what it might take to give you the kitchen of your … within your budget!